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Respirators 2012/16

Surgical Masks. Dust Masks. Protective Gloves. Respirator Masks.
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Compare UK prices for respirators, dust masks and surgical face masks

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Respirators and other face masks are becoming more and more in demand for a range of environmental, health and safety reasons.

Growing threats from pollution and global flu outbreaks - as well as all the issues associated with harmful vapours, dust, fibres and toxic particles in the workplace - have led to ever-growing ranges of respirator face masks.

We bring you respirator masks from many leading stores including DIY Tools, Screwfix, Wickes, B&Q, Tooled Up, Machine Mart and Amazon.

You’ll find all the top respirator brands including Sealey, Vitrex, 3M and Draper and we’ve tracked down the best prices available - we also feature dust masks, surgical face masks and respirator accessories.

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Protect yourself from harmful dust and vapour with a respirator

Respirator masks to help protect our health are more readily available than ever before as we become increasingly environmentally health conscious.

There’s no doubt that the worrying increase in the number of global flu outbreaks in recent years have increased sales of face masks substantially - among them swine flu, SARS and bird flu which claimed many lives.

This year’s volcanic eruption in Iceland resulted in UK and global health warnings advising asthma sufferers to wear a dust mask or respirator outdoors due to the risk of ash particles lodging deep in the lungs.

The effectiveness of surgical face masks against a particular type of flu is open for debate, but people consider them a wise investment as a precautionary measure.

Most of us remember the striking images a few years ago of crowds of people heading off to work in Asian cities, wearing surgical masks.

Dust masks and respirator masks play an important role in protecting the health of employees working with dangerous or hazardous materials, substances or chemicals in the industrial, construction and building industries.

Health and safety regulations in the workplace have never been stricter, so employers have a duty to ensure their staff are wearing suitable respirators or dust masks when necessary.

Respirators are produced in various types and sizes for use in the public and private industry sectors, was well as the military. They range from less expensive disposable masks to re-usable models with replaceable filters and cartridges.

If you’re interesting in buying a respirator mask, surgical face mask or a dust mask, we’ve tracked down the cheapest and best prices around from many of the top retailers in the UK.

We have an extensive range of powered and non-powered breathing respirators to choose from - whether you want to buy a full face mask respirator, half mask respirator, a powered air purifying respirator, disposable respirators, a 3m respirator, niosh respirator or particulate respirators - we’re sure we’ll have something to meet your needs.

You’ll find respirator masks here offering protection against many different chemicals, liquids, vapours and dust including asbestos, paint, chlorine and pesticides. They are also used during welding, drilling and sanding work.

We also have a full range of respirator mask spares and accessories to choose from including respirator refill cartridges and filters.

We also feature a selection of other protective items such as protective gloves, safety gloves, work gloves and latex gloves.

Our product range is provided by some of the top stores in the UK including Tooled Up, Wickes, B&Q, First Aid Warehouse, Pentagon Direct, DIY Tools, 3M Select, Amazon, Focus DIY, True Shopping, Conrad, Screwfix Direct and Machine Mart.

And their secure online shopping arrangements mean you can buy a respirator safely from the comfort of your home or workplace.